Welcome, my name is David Braidford. I am a specialist electric fencing contractor

I have been involved with electric fencing for several years now.  Initially, selling the product through the normal dealer networks.

For the last 16 years, I have been advising, selling and erecting multi-line electric fencing, primarily into the Free Range poultry industry

I am the only full-time electric fencing contractor in the UK specialising
in multi-line systems, within the poultry & pig industry, nature reserves and wetland trusts.


I travel throughout the whole of the UK, typically doing 35/40k miles per year before I start work !

I have built my business and reputation on the principles of providing a friendly, reliable service and sound advice.  I can also offer you quality products at the best possible prices.  

  • I am not a Tradesman! I keep you informed, turn up on time, do a good tidy job and do not leave bits and pieces etc all over the place
  • Normally I carry out an initial site visit, discuss the options with you and then follow up with a quotation
  • I am the only specialist who will advise you on issues outside the shed, everybody else is only interested in the egg!
  • When I erect your fence, you will benefit from my experience based on the wide variety of jobs I have undertaken as an electric fence specialist
  • I take into acount the practicalities of the job and try to get you the best price to meet your requirements, not what a salesman wants to sell to you

The main aim of my site is to inform
you of the products and services I offer.

I also hope that you find the information within these pages
useful and informative.

I travel extensively throughout the UK advising farmers involved in the production of free range chickens, turkeys, eggs and pigs.

I work with all size of business from large enterprise to smaller units and hobbyists.

I discuss and plan the fence with you, offering expert advice on what to use and how to do it! I can also erect your fence for you allowing you to get on with your other jobs.

You will certainly benefit from a no obligation chat with me if you are:- 

  • unsure
  • apprehensive
  • don’t know how to plan
  • need advice on where to start
  • require information on where to buy
  • need to consider who can erect your fence

Contact me for a no obligation estimate. I will give you friendly, impartial and informative advice on any of the above 

Good discounts given on all Rappa fencing products


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Order your Rappa products through me to get maximum advice and discounts

Mobile 07831 853 402


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